The EIS Series

Diesel Equipment

Having the right equipment to accurately measure the opacity of exhaust smoke emitted from these heavy polluters is one of the most crucial aspects of vehicle inspection programs.
Diesel vehicle produce 100 times the emissions of a regular gasoline vehicle. They are also the primary source of particulate matter, and PM has serious implications in respiratory and cardiovascular health, especially in the exacerbation of childhood asthma.
The California BAR certified WEP Diesel Opacity Meter provides the industry’s most effective opacity reading helping state.

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N Value 0.00 – 99.9% < 1.0% in full range < .1% Partial Flow < 0.200 seconds
K Value 0.00 – 9.99m-1 < 0.5% at final check-in < 0.001m1 Green LED < 0.200 seconds
  • A proven WEP design
  • In-house design, development and production
  • Self-calibrating after each test
  • Highly mobile
  • Communication with any EIS Series Analyzer
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Accurately measures emissions regardless of weather conditions
  • BAR-Certified
  • Proven in nearly 20 programs globally
  • Active in Japan and South Korea (drafters of the Kyoto Protocol)
  • Instrumental in cleaning up Mexico City's notoriously, dirty air