Data Management - Vehicle Information Databases

The VID (Vehicle Information Database) from Worldwide Environmental Products Inc., offers flexible and reliable high throughput storage and retrieval of all safety and emissions program data. Through added reporting capabilities and security features, a web based interface enables administrators, program managers, field representatives and station managers to access statistical reports.

VID Flexible Feature

The VID's flexible design provides the participants of an inspection program a user friendly and secure method of obtaining important program data. The VID collects all I/M activity and stores it in a data repository from which pre-defined or user defined reports can provide detailed analysis needed by program managers and government agencies to make informed decisions.

Program Data Collection

The VID is capable of collecting any and all I/M inspection data in any database on any analyzer including the following information:
VID User Audit Trail
Service Technician Audit Trail
Analyzer Hardware Profile
Analyzer VID Contact
Analyzer Software Version
Analyzer Initialization
Analyzer Calibration Records
Vehicle Inspection Records (Safety, emissions, etc)
Vehicle Information
Sticker Information
Station Information and more!

Utilize pre-defined reports or define your own reporting requirements to obtain detailed reports in both graphical and table formats. Table formats can be opened and saved as Microsoft Excel(TM) spreadsheets which can be used for further analysis or imported into other Microsoft products such as (Word, PowerPoint or Access).