WEP awarded Imperial Sand Dune Recreation permitting

Imperial Sand Dunes, CA July 2008

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. has been awarded the Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area – Non-Commercial Special Recreation Permit Program. WEP’s innovation and technology has demonstrated an effective and efficient solution for managing ISDRA permit sales. We are aware of the challenges the ISDRA presents in regards to permit sales and compliance. We have personally experienced the frustration of entering and exiting the ISDRA, especially during peak holiday weekends. WEP’s solution has eased the congestion while entering and exiting the ISDRA; therefore relieving the frustration of all involved. WEP has aggressively pursued not only on site compliance but off site sales as well. Our aggressive marketing plan has increased off site sales to 54% from 2006/2007 season of 14%. The more off site sales we encourage, the less on site sales there will be during a check point; thus relieving congestion. It is estimated that 20% of the ISDRA visitors are non-compliant. WEP’s check points and roaming Permit Staff have increased permit compliance to 85%. When you partner with Worldwide Environmental Products Inc., you can be sure that you are getting professionals that are focused on your needs and that the transition, implementation and contract management will be smooth and efficient.