Worldwide Environmental Products announces the newly redesigned Platinum EIS 5000 S.

Orange County, CA May 2005

Worldwide Environmental Products has redesigned the Platinum EIS 5000 bringing a "cleaner and sleeker design". The Platinum EIS 5000 S was redesigned in two areas: The top of the EIS-5000 has been removed and an industry first 17 inch flat panel display has been added which dramatically increase utility space on top of the cabinet of up to 80% and greatly enhances the appearance of the new analyzer. Customer response has been excitement and outstanding bringing a new "buzz" in the emission testing industry. "We are excited about the newly designed Platinum EIS 5000 S. This brings a whole new look and feel the emission testing equipment industry." says Ben Rico, VP of Engineering for WEP. Founded in 1984, Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. (WEP) is recognized as an industry innovator for its technologically advanced emission equipment and is a leader in the vehicle identification management, vehicle inspection management and database management. WEP based in Brea, California is an exclusive designer and manufacturer of emissions testing equipment in the United States.