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EIS Tablet

EIS Tablet



Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8


1.8 GHz Dual-Core


64 GB


10.1” LED-Backlit Multi-touch Display

Screen Resolution

1,366 x 768

The Inspection Tablet used for the Above Carriage Inspection will be a Tablet PC / Laptop Combination unit. WEP provides this computer in Inspection Lanes to provide for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. Inspectors will be able to dock the Tablet into the Cabinet-mounted keyboard for initial data entry. Software will prompt the inspector on what information to provide at the beginning of the inspection. Once the accurate data is entered, the software will prompt the Inspector to begin inspecting the above carriage items.

Undercarriage Inspection Tablet
The Undercarriage Inspection Tablet proposed by WEP is an inspection grade Tablet meant for use in an inspection pit environment. Optimized computer components provide for fast, easy-to-use testing, while a ruggedized, enclosed case protects the already robust Tablet from the inspection lane environment. The Tablet Software will prompt the Inspector which components to test. Software security will ensure that each item is inspected before the vehicle can move onto the next stage of the inspection.

Emission Inspections Systems