Program Location: North America

GIS 9000 Gateway Inspection System

The new Gateway Inspection System offers a user-friendly, handheld solution to perform official vehicle safety and emissions inspections in the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program

Missouri GIS 9000 Product Sheet

GVIP Inspection Station Agreement

For equipment orders, please email GVIP@wep-inc.com or call 800.832.7664 or 714.990.2700


Designed and Manufactured in the U.S. using premium quality components to ensure high throughput testing and equipment longevity for High-Speed Connections

All components necessary to perform the State mandated vehicle safety and emissions inspections for vehicles in the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program in Missouri

OBDII Manual Mode provides the ability to verify a vehicle is ready for inspection and information for vehicle issue diagnosis

Field Service Technicians and Remote Technical Experts provide the largest service and support network in Missouri to guarantee less downtime

Missouri Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program

Since 2017, Worldwide has been the sole contractor with the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources to provide equipment and services for the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program. Worldwide developed a new tablet based platform for safety and emissions inspections and supplies approximately 900 licensed inspection stations in Missouri with inspection equipment, software, service and support.

For more information on Worldwide services and the Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program, please visit the Program website at: http://www.missourigvip.com/