Vehicle I/M Program Management

Building and Maintaining Successful Vehicle Inspection Programs

Worldwide is a turnkey, vehicle testing program solutions provider. For nearly 30 years, Worldwide has developed private-public partnerships with local, state and federal agencies, in the United States and abroad, to deliver fully-integrated solutions for vehicle safety and emissions inspection industries.

Worldwide solutions have evolved since the earliest days of the company. From a history of hardware development, Worldwide reengineered its business practices in 1998 to start focusing on turnkey systems for vehicle inspection programs.

These systems are designed to provide robust IT solutions with the capability of providing advanced, data collection, storage and processing for large, IT infrastructure projects.

Vehicle Emissions
Inspection Equipment

  • Petrol/Gasoline-powered Vehicle Emissions Analyzers
  • BAR97 High-Speed System Certification
  • Patented Components
  • Diesel-powered Vehicle Emissions Analyzers, including Opacity, Smoke Meter and Particulate Matter Testing
  • BAR-Certified OBDII Data Acquisition Device (DAD)

Vehicle Safety/Compliance Inspection Equipment

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Safety Inspection Systems
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection Systems
  • Modular Components
  • Portable Solutions
  • Centralized and Decentralized Solutions

VISION – Vehicle Inspection Systems Information Online Network

  • Comprehensive, Web-based Vehicle Inspection Program Management System and Applications containing VID (Vehicle Information Database)
  • Vehicle Safety/Compliance and/or Emissions Inspection Software
  • Fraudulent Inspection Deterrent and Detection Features with Monitors/ Triggers and Alerts
  • Extensive Reporting Features

Implementation and Operational Services

  • I/M Program Development and Review
  • Program Operations and Management
  • Custom Designed Database, Hardware and Software Solutions
  • In-House Technical and Engineering Teams
  • Jurisdictional and Government Agency Training
  • Inspector and Mechanical Training, Certification and Licensing
  • Program Public Education and Outreach
  • 24/7 Factory Direct Customer Service and Support