Program Location: North America

EIS 6000

  • All Steel Cabinet with Smallest Footprint
  • Dual Wired/Wireless OBDII Data Acquisition Device
  • Integrated OBDII Verification Tool and Charger
  • Integrated Gas Cap Tester and Adapters
  • Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner
  • High-Quality Computer Components with Windows OS
  • 22″ Mounted LCD Color Monitor
  • Standard Warranty Included
  • Purchase, Finance and Rental Options
  • Continued Service and Support Available from Worldwide for All TCEQ Certified Models


Designed and Manufactured in the U.S. using premium quality components to ensure high throughput testing and equipment longevity for High-Speed or Dial-Up Connections

OBDII Manual Mode provides the ability to verify a vehicle is ready for inspection and information for vehicle issue diagnosis

Integrated Battery powers the OBDII DAD when no voltage is present at the DLC, and automatically charges when connected to the Verification Tool on the Cabinet or a vehicle with available power

OBDII DAD LED Status Lights indicate when the vehicle DLC power is present, when the DAD is charging and when the DAD is connected, both to a vehicle and the analyzer computer

Integrated Gas Cap Tester and Lightweight Stant Adapters provide a user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective complete gas cap testing solution

Field Service Technicians and Remote Technical Experts provide the largest service and support network in Texas to guarantee less downtime

AirCheck Texas I/M Program

Since 2003, Worldwide has been providing certified emissions and safety inspection equipment to licensed inspection stations in the State of Texas as part of the AirCheck Texas I/M Program. 

Worldwide provides its certified emissions analyzers and maintenance and support services in the following program areas:

  • Houston Region
  • Dallas Region
  • Austin Region
  • El Paso Region

Beginning January 1, 2020 ASM/TSI tailpipe emissions inspections will no longer be required as part of the program, and all vehicles subject to program requirements will undergo an OBDII inspection.

Worldwide will continue to provide maintenance, service and support for its certified analyzers.

For equipment orders, please email info@wep-inc.com or call 800.832.7664 or 714.990.2700.