New Mexico

Program Location: North America

EIS 5000 High-Speed Analyzer

  • All Steel Cabinet with Smallest Footprint
  • Modular Component Drawers
  • Integrated OBDII Tester
  • 4 or 5 Gas Analyzer
  • Patented Thermal Sample Chiller
  • Integrated Zero Air Generator
  • Integrated Gas Cap Tester and Adapters
  • Contact & Non-Contact RPM Probes
  • Wired or Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner
  • High-Quality Computer Components with Windows OS
  • 22″ Mounted LCD Color Monitor
  • Standard Warranty Included
  • Purchase, Finance and Rental Options
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Designed and Manufactured in the U.S. using premium quality components to ensure high throughput testing and equipment longevity for High-Speed Connections

All components necessary to perform the State mandated vehicle emissions inspections for vehicles in the State of New Mexico

Integrated Zero Air Generator offers a more cost-effective and environmental friendly solution for necessary zero air gas

Patented Thermal Sample Chiller reduces temperature of sample BEFORE it enters the system to provide longevity of equipment and a faster, more accurate diagnosis

OBDII Manual Mode provides the ability to verify a vehicle is ready for inspection and information for vehicle issue diagnosis

Integrated Gas Cap Tester and Lightweight Stant Adapters provide a user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective complete gas cap testing solution

Field Service Technicians and Remote Technical Experts provide the largest service and support network in Idaho to guarantee less downtime

Air Care New Mexico Vehicle Emissions Inspection / Maintenance Program

Since 2002, Worldwide has been the sole provider of certified inspection equipment in New Mexico’s Air Care New Mexico vehicle inspection program. Certified by the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, Vehicle Pollution Management Division, Worldwide has provided approximately 120 Air Care inspection stations in Bernalillo County with certified inspection equipment and inspection software as well as trained all licensed personnel on proper operation of inspection equipment. Worldwide continues to support its network of inspection stations with a strong local support infrastructure and remote service.

The program includes BAR-Certified inspection analyzer development and distribution, inspection software, and assistance in the development of a state-of-the-art vehicle inspection database.

OBDII and Tailpipe testing are required in the vehicle inspection program in Bernalillo County. Services from Worldwide include facilities recruitment and inspection network management, training of all necessary personnel, technical support and call center, onsite repair and maintenance of all components of the program.

Worldwide continues to work with the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, Vehicle Pollution Management Division to ensure that all testing equipment in the network is up-to-date and secured using the latest technologies. Worldwide continues to implement new solutions and technologies in the Air Care New Mexico Program primarily to provide the necessary tools for successful program operation, but also to ensure compliance with all EPA rules and regulations.

For equipment orders, please email or call 800.832.7664 or 714.990.2700.