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Worldwide is committed to providing a high level of quality customer service to ensure our clients and customers are always operational and providing important program services. Customer Support Services include:

  • In-House Help Desk with Multilingual Team Member
  • Factory Trained Local Field Technician
  • Tier II Remote Technical Assistance
  • Additional Training Services and Support
  • Customer Help Videos

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Worldwide Unified Business Intelligence (UBI)

To provide the best possible service and support, Worldwide boasts its Unified Business Intelligence (UBI) – a program management solution that integrates management methods, service operations and comprehensive, data access into a single, seamless platform designed to optimize automation and improve efficiency in program operations.

    Worldwide-UBI Responsibilities

    Worldwide-UBI collects data from different applications and departments, and interfaces existing business items to increase efficiency. Worldwide developed the-UBI interfaces to create increased functionality with fewer, manual steps.

    What’s created is an internal, streamlined information network that allows Worldwide administrators and service personnel to monitor every facet of the program, identify candidate areas for improvement, and redirect resources to ensure performance measures are being met.

    All of the important service and support information is readily available utilizing the web-based management application, Worldwide’s VISION™.

    Worldwide-UBI improves program operations and automation in the following ways:

    • Inventory Manager streamlines the movement of goods in any program network and provides comprehensive, real-time tracking of those goods, mitigating the chances for lost inventories or attempted fraud that increase cost in an inspection program;
    • Service Manager tracks service operations in real-time, including call time, time the service order was created, facility information, inspector information, real-time status of the service order, elapsed time since first report, assigned staffer/technician, real-time status of communications (text/email: sent, received, read), estimated time to order closure, technician whereabouts (GPS), technician activity and daily routes (Breadcrumb Report), technician driving habits, current inventories (HQ, program HQ and mobile), individual component location, time clock, and total communications log.
    • Service Manager permits Worldwide Help Desk operators, managers and Worldwide’s Service Director to track total service operations and redistribute resources where necessary. This creates efficiency in the service network that ultimately lowers the overall service cost of a Program.
    • Worldwide uses its Unified BI to track all service activity in its operations. UBI collects data from different applications and departments, and interfaces existing business items to increase efficiency.