Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. (Worldwide) has been awarded a contract with the Government of Baja California to implement and manage the new vehicle verification program. After a competitive bidding process in which 13 bids were submitted, the contract to Worldwide was awarded, with verification centers set to be established throughout the State, including Ensenada, Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate, and Rosarito.

Jose Carmelo, Minister of Environment, State of California stated, The previous vehicle verification program did not work properly; however, with our new partnership with Worldwide, the technology that will be implemented will drastically reduce fraud and prevent acts of corruption. All vehicles in the State will be required to have their vehicle verified. We have been reviewing for over a year models and technology in different parts around the world. Finally, after months of discussions, it was decided to launch a tender to receive proposals for our verification program. With this new and modern program, added the State Official, there will be a new sticker that each car must carry with some special codes to avoid counterfeiting.

The new program is called “verifica”. The brand and colors represent the great State of Baja California, burgundy and gold, and the check of Worldwide to represent the technology and management that will be provided by the Worldwide Group.

Worldwide is launching a modern solution based on a proven model in Jalisco, which will continue to set the standard for vehicle inspection programs in Mexico and Latin America.  Worldwide’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Bill Delaney, said “I am absolutely delighted to partner with Baja California to implement and manage a world class vehicle verification program for many years.”

Michael Delaney, Chief Development Officer of the Worldwide Group and CEO/DG of Ryme stated the following, With Worldwide’s global headquarters just a short drive from Baja California, this project is special to our Group. We are looking forward to bringing our technology and experience to a State in which we have strong connections. This long term partnership and contract demonstrates our technical and financial strength, this is another contract that shows that government agencies and private entities are choosing to work with our Group.

Dee Dee Myers, Director of the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, stated, “I am proud that Worldwide, a California company, will be providing their technology to Baja California to help improve air quality and save lives. This is another great example of a California company delivering worldwide, innovative solutions. As global citizens, but particularly as neighboring states, we share the same air with our partners in Baja California and are pleased to see them reinstate their Smog Check Program”.

For over thirty years, Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. has been a leader in designing and providing innovative, high-quality vehicle emissions and safety inspection solutions.  From highly-rated hardware and software to advanced database applications and hosting, to vehicle diagnostic training and turnkey vehicle inspection and maintenance program management, Worldwide has earned and maintained a strong reputation for its expertise in providing long-term, successful vehicle inspection solutions.