During the last week of May, the I/M Solutions conference in New Orleans. For the Worldwide Environmental team it has been a very good opportunity to showcase the inspection models.

Worldwide Environmental, has had the opportunity to participate in the spaces with different interventions on different vehicle inspection models.

As you know, our company has almost 40 years of experience in the inspection market. Perhaps, with the Ryme equipment we are ready to create new models around the country.

Our CFO James Delaney, performed a presentation on our turnkey technology solution that we have implemented as part of our contract in the State of Jalisco and is now the reference model in othe mexican states. In addition, our CMO, Garrett Delaney provided attendees with a presentation on our PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection or Safety Inspection) technology as well as information and the benefits countries around the world have experienced from implementing PTI programs.

We really hope that the U.S. will become a place where vehicle inspection is pioneering in the world. Además creemos que nuestros modelos pueden tener cabida en el pa­s.

We would like to thank the organization for giving us the opportunity to participate in the forum and hope to see you soon. We are looking forward to returning to face-to-face events.