Worldwide Group is pleased to announce Antonio Multari as the new Managing Director of Ryme Worldwide GmbH, Germany, effective June 1, 2024. This strategic move underscores the Group’s dynamic expansion agenda, which aims to strengthen its presence in global markets while building on its position in existing markets with the best possible product and customer solutions.

As a central hub, The German subsidiary will drive the introduction of current solutions while developing new, innovative products, software and services for workshops, testing organizations and the automotive sector. A prime example of the team’s efficiency is the smooth introduction of exhaust emission tests with particle number measuring devices in Germany (R-PC300), which set a benchmark for quality and reliability.

First statements by Antonio Multari and the group’s directors

Antonio Multari, the new Managing Director of Ryme Worldwide GmbH, was optimistic: «I look forward to working with the Ryme/Worldwide team to develop forward-looking solutions for our customers. Our global operations combined with my experience and worldwide network of PTI and OEM partners will strengthen and expand our presence and solution offerings.”

The state-of-the-art workshop and vehicle testing equipment distributed by Ryme Worldwide in Germany, Austria and Switzerland comes from the state-of-the-art factory in Burgos, Spain. This innovative and excellent production facility represents the Worldwide Group’s commitment to Europe and guarantees the innovative and efficient manufacturing of workshop and testing equipment to the highest standards – Made in Spain.

Michael Delaney, CEO of Ryme, outlines the strategic importance of Antonio Multari’s role and comments: «Antonio Multari, with his experience and international network, is an outstanding addition to our sales team and greatly strengthens Worldwide Group’s presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He also plays a central role in our global expansion strategy. We have great confidence in his extensive industry experience and solution know-how. We are also very much looking forward to a successful collaboration with this empathetic personality. Together with him, we will shape a successful future!

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