Worldwide is excited to announce the upcoming release of e-swift, a brand new, state-of-the-art motor vehicle emissions and safety inspection solution. The Worldwide Group has combined Worldwide Environmental Products’ BAR-Certified Emissions Analyzers with the highly rated Safety Inspection Components from Ryme Worldwide to deliver an unmatched, integrated solution for turnkey vehicle inspections in jurisdictions across the globe.

Utilizing the latest technologies for emissions and safety inspections, e-swift has been meticulously designed and developed to provide the most efficient, secure and fastest vehicle inspection process in the world. Worldwide’s EIS5000 Gas Analyzer and OBDII Data Acquisition Device are included to ensure the most effective emissions inspections are conducted for all gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, while the Wheel Alignment, Suspension, Brake and Headlamp Testers from Ryme guarantee accurate safety inspections for all light and heavy duty vehicles.

Features include a modern software user interface that has been designed to automate the inspection process wherever possible, while providing the examiner with all of the tools and information needed to provide an intelligent and effective vehicle inspection. This will ensure examiners can provide motorists with a valuable and accurate vehicle diagnosis, all while increasing the throughput of inspections and maximizing important resources.

Integrated with Worldwide’s web-based vehicle inspection program and data management solution, VISION, Worldwide is now the only group in the world with a complete vehicle inspection solution developed and managed completely in house for its clients. VISION continues to lead the industry in providing program administrators with a suite of applications to actively and successfully manage all components of a vehicle inspection program. From productivity and efficiency monitoring, to automated reporting, live inspection review and data intelligence, VISION and e-swift have set a new standard for vehicle inspection programs.

The Worldwide Difference