One of the objectives when the group started working as a group was that the WEP work teams in California and Ryme in Spain would start working as a single team. To this end, an exchange program was but was delayed due to the limitations of COVID 19.

Already in November 2021, the first moves have begun and three directors of the Ryme team have traveled to California to start working together. As you know, since the two companies joined forces, the Worldwide group offers a unique vehicle inspection solution that requires a lot of work to bring together the best of the two companies and the best of both.

These days, the IT, operations and after-sales departments are meeting; three crucial departments in the production process. 2022 is going to be a crucial year for the Worldwide group and we want to be prepared for everything, our international projects are off to a very good start.

We still want to show to everyon what The Worldwide Difference is about.